1580 OTC Stinger Easy Roller Hydraulic Car Wheel Dolly

A hydraulic car wheel dolly is a much more efficient method than traditional car wheel dollies to move around vehicles within a garage or showroom. Because they’ve got a built in hydraulic lifting mechanism with them, you don’t need a separate jack to lift and place a car on the dolly. Therefore for anyone buying car dollies these days I tell them its well worth spending the little extra money to get their hands on a set of hydraulic car wheel dollies. But what is a good hydraulic car wheel dolly in the market today?
hydraulic car dolly
One good hydraulic dolly I found is the 1580 OTC Stinger 1,500 lbs Easy Roller Dolly. Its designed to fit vehicle tires with tread widths up to 12″ which means it will fit most passenger cars and medium SUVs. The four heavy-duty casters can support up to 1,500 lbs. With the use four of these anyone can easily position, lift and move a vehicle weighing up to 6,000 lbs or 2.5 tons!

Like you can see in the picture above the unique design slides around a wheel well. The dolly’s foot pedal activates the hydraulic lift mechanisms which gently and safely lifts the tire off ground. It lifts the wheel with approximately 20 short strokes of the foot pedal. Rollers touch the tires only.
hydraulic wheel dolly

OTC Stinger dolly also seems to be well made. Its got a frame of heavy gauge steel plates. The tubing and the welds are also of good quality. That’s why its heavy at around 40 lbs, each.

This dolly is also a product manufactured and sold by OTC SPX. (OTC SPX is a major ISO certified manufacturer and supplier of vehicle tools and equipments to the US market.) So it has the reliability of a branded product from a US company behind it.

You can order this through the Internet now through OTC Stinger dolly’s Amazon.com sales page and get it shipped with no extra shipping cost.  Will be useful for anyone to simply and efficiently move a vehicle about and make efficient use of their valuable garage or showroom space or move a disabled vehicle around.

Adjustable Tire Tie Down Straps From US Cargo Control

US Cargo Control is one of the leading companies in the US market today for cargo securing accessory supplies. The Adjustable Universal Tow Dolly Straps is one of their branded product for use as tire tie down straps. This product is very popular as car tow dolly straps and used for securing vehicles with tow dollies by individuals as well as recovery service companies. In fact many tow dolly models for sale in the market come with these US Cargo Control Universal Tow Dolly Straps.tie down straps

The easy adjustment in this  tie down straps allow for towing big cars, trucks and other vehicles with tire sizes from 14 inches to 17 inches. It is made with 12,000 lb industrial grade 2 inch wide yellow polyester webbing and is weather resistant as well as non-stretch. So there is no worry about them breaking or the towed vehicle falling off. In fact these tie downs are better and more heavy duty than the original tow dolly straps found with many tow dollies!

They work good and are sold at a good price. For latest price and fast shipping check here.

3000 LB Tow Capacity Ultra Tow Car Tow Dolly For Sale

car tow dolly

3000lb Ultra Car Tow Dolly

If you are looking for a car tow dolly for sale, check out the 3000 LB Tow Capacity Car Tow Dolly by Ultra Tow, sold by and shipped by Northern Tool & Equipment which has stores throughout eastern and mid eastern states of The United States. If you plan to buy a dolly for less than $1500 then this dolly may suit your budget and needs.


Dolly Description & Technical Details

Heavy-duty tow dolly from Ultra-Tow enables user to load vehicles up to 3000 lbs. Features 2in. ball coupler, lights, built-in ramps, safety chains and more.
Rides smoothly on 13in. tires.
Gross Vehicle Weight Rated (lbs.): 3,320,
Load Capacity (lbs.): 3,000,
Wheel Size (in.): 13,
Coupler Size (in.): 2,
Frame Material: Steel,
Brakes: No,
Lights: Yes,
Fenders: Yes,
Ramps Included: Yes,
Assembly Required: Yes,
Overall Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 123 x 102 x 27 1/4
Shipping Weight: 517 pounds.

Evolution From Hand Carts To Appliance Dollies

We have talked about many types of dollies here on Car Tow Dolly. But they have been mostly auto related popular kinds of dollies like car dollies, trailer dollies, wheel dollies and so on. In the meantime there are kinds of dollies which are used for purposes other than vehicles. Furniture dollies and appliance dollies are examples. Such is the case with appliance dollies, that many may not know this dolly as appliance dollies but as hand trucks. You can see a hand truck or appliance dolly in this picture here. While these appliance dollies or hand trucks may not be a typical household item, you will surely at least borrow one of this appliance dollies at times when you are moving houses.

appliance dolly cartLike you see the appliance dolly can be defined as a type of dolly or conveyance consisting of a wheeled platform used for aiding and moving heavy objects, equipment, furnishings and supplies. In structure the appliance dolly most often consist of a 2 wheeled or 4 wheeled flat stand on which objects can be placed and you can use it to move the objects around. All that needs to be done by the user at this point is to move the appliance dolly, which is little work compared to carrying the objects without the aid of such dollies like this.

Maybe this is why appliance dollies is one of the oldest material handling equipment in the world. It has been used for a long time as hand carts, trolleys and redesigned and engineered over and over from civilization to civilization. The development of appliance dollies is another example of human development and the trend we have of adapting easier ways and methods to make our work easy and quicker like we see more of our work we did with hand trucks and appliance dollies today performed by automated machines and conveyor belts.

By using appliance dollies you spend less energy on the user’s part since the manual lifting and carrying of heavy objects can not only be very difficult or if not impossible if the object is too heavy. Also considering our physique and health it is not good for our body in the long term because lifting up and carrying around things regularly causes strain on muscles and tendons that most of the time leads to serious bodily injuries and ruptures.

Manufactured by Harper in Kansas in the United States the appliance dolly in the picture here has a carrying capacity of 400 pounds and is made of steel. Modern material handling equipment manufacturers are now producing various kinds of special appliance dollies that are fashioned after the old utility carts but cater to specific applications. The furniture dollies, hardwood dolly and flat dollies are some of the different types of appliance dollies that today popular in modern urban equipment, goods and supplies handling.


6 Disadvantages of Tow Dollies – Why You Must Not Buy A Car Dolly

Normally in a product website like Car Tow Dolly that is totally dedicated to highlighting a product and promoting it you don’t find negatives of the product highlighted much  or discouragement like I’m going to list here about tow dollies. But the fact is tow dollies have many disadvantages and inconveniences inherent with it, which I think every buyer, user and owner of tow dollies should be aware of.

These tow dolly disadvantage apply to all types of vehicle towing dollies, and these are some of the reasons why most often people choose rollback tow truck that can lift a vehicle completely off the ground or a powerful conventional wrecker tow truck that hooks, lifts and tows the vehicle instead of towing their car or truck using a tow dolly that is towed using your small car, truck or maybe a tractor.

So here are the disadvantages or bad side of a car towing dolly:

1). Car tow dollies are themselves heavy. Normally well built dolly capable of towing a heavy American car weighs anywahere around 500 to 1500 pounds. This adds to your total towed weight total and significantly reduces the towing capacity your towing vehicle.

2). In some states of US tow dollies needs to be registered and licensed. Needless to say this ad yord one more “vehicle” to your mix.

3) It is difficult to back up with a dolly.  Have you tried reversing a vehicle with a tow dolly coupled to the back tow bar.

4) You have to continually keep up the maintenance and repairs of the tow dolly’s tires, wheels, and frame for it to be ready for use at anytime. Otherwise you might as well have to buy a new dolly in an emergency .

4) Tow dollies are increasingly becoming a complex mini vehicle of itself. With its added weight which requires car tow dollies to have its own brakes increases the initial price of the dollies as well as the maintenance cost of your dollies in the long run.

5)  Two sets of safety cables are required between the coach and the dolly and between the dolly and the vehicle. The nylon tie-down tow straps frequently fail on dollies putting your towed vehicle at great risks, specially in hills where people often tend to tow cars behind their caravan homes. The risks are too great to use it for a expensive car. You are best to go for a flatbed truck in such a situation or rent a secure parking place to leave your car behind.

6) Brake, and clearance lights are difficult to connect on a dolly towed vehicle. This is a must.

7) You have to have a plan for what you will do with the dolly once you get to your destination. Plus, it usually takes two people to manuever it somewhere out of the way.

This is certainly not encouraging news. However this doesn’t mean car tow dollies are completely useless. The have their benefits and advantages of car tow dollies are many. That is why I mention here frequently tow dollies are best for short distances frequent towing. Also what about having a community owned tow dolly that can be used by all your neighbors and friends or a whole apartment building households, who will all chip in to buy it and maintain it of course!

But of course, obviously these  disadvantages are irrelevant to appliance dollies such as car wheel dollies. This disadvantages compiled based on article at 4 wheel drive site at about dot com.

600 lb Trailer Tow Dollies For Pulling Trailer With Car

If you are looking for a trailer tow dollies for pulling a trailer along with your car or van then here is a good trailer car tow dolly you might like to consider. The prices of these trailer dollies are also much less than you would find locally even after considering the shipping cost.

600 – lb. Trailer Dolly by Guide Gear

trailer tow dollies

Get this 600 pound tow capacity trailer dolly suitable for pulling behind car over almost any terrain according to the manufacturer. This trailer tow dolly is also reported to be good at subtle and skillful handling in a tight space.

The dolly is made of heavy-duty steel, strong enough to easily move a trailer load of up to 600 lbs. Claims to have easy manual maneuverability of utility, boat, cargo, jet-ski and other small trailers. Sturdy, easy rolling 10 x 3″ tires. The dolly measures 27 x 13 x 47″h inches and weighs 30 lbs.

Check out this 600 – lb. Trailer Tow Dolly At Amazon.com for more information.

Ultra-Tow Deluxe Adjustable Trailer Dolly with Flat-Free Tires – 600-Lb. Capacity

trailer tow dolly

This trailer dolly is made by Ultra Tow and can handle weights up to 600 lbs. It has a steel frame with a black powder coated finish and flat free tires. The dolly is a adjustable tow dolly so you can adjust the tow ball height from 12 7/32 inches to 21 5/8 inches. The dolly with flat-free tires allows you to safely moves your utility, boat or cargo trailer and can handle up to 600-lb. load. It has a 1 7/8 inch adjustable  tow ball. The overall size of the this tow dolly is 48 1/2in.L x 27 13/16in.W x 24 13/16in.

According to one customer who bought this this the flat free dolly tires of this don’t hold up well against weight and he plans to replace the dolly wheels with heavy duty wheels or some other flat free solid wheels.

Despite that he was satisfied with this ultra tow trailer dolly which allowed him to adjust and fit it to fit the heights of his boats, camper and snowmobile trailers. He also said it works as designed and saved him a ton of back pain from pushing the trailers around with bare hands. For more information about this check this link.