600 lb Trailer Tow Dollies For Pulling Trailer With Car

If you are looking for a trailer tow dollies for pulling a trailer along with your car or van then here is a good trailer car tow dolly you might like to consider. The prices of these trailer dollies are also much less than you would find locally even after considering the shipping cost.

600 – lb. Trailer Dolly by Guide Gear

trailer tow dollies

Get this 600 pound tow capacity trailer dolly suitable for pulling behind car over almost any terrain according to the manufacturer. This trailer tow dolly is also reported to be good at subtle and skillful handling in a tight space.

The dolly is made of heavy-duty steel, strong enough to easily move a trailer load of up to 600 lbs. Claims to have easy manual maneuverability of utility, boat, cargo, jet-ski and other small trailers. Sturdy, easy rolling 10 x 3″ tires. The dolly measures 27 x 13 x 47″h inches and weighs 30 lbs.

Check out this 600 – lb. Trailer Tow Dolly At Amazon.com for more information.

Ultra-Tow Deluxe Adjustable Trailer Dolly with Flat-Free Tires – 600-Lb. Capacity

trailer tow dolly

This trailer dolly is made by Ultra Tow and can handle weights up to 600 lbs. It has a steel frame with a black powder coated finish and flat free tires. The dolly is a adjustable tow dolly so you can adjust the tow ball height from 12 7/32 inches to 21 5/8 inches. The dolly with flat-free tires allows you to safely moves your utility, boat or cargo trailer and can handle up to 600-lb. load. It has a 1 7/8 inch adjustable  tow ball. The overall size of the this tow dolly is 48 1/2in.L x 27 13/16in.W x 24 13/16in.

According to one customer who bought this this the flat free dolly tires of this don’t hold up well against weight and he plans to replace the dolly wheels with heavy duty wheels or some other flat free solid wheels.

Despite that he was satisfied with this ultra tow trailer dolly which allowed him to adjust and fit it to fit the heights of his boats, camper and snowmobile trailers. He also said it works as designed and saved him a ton of back pain from pushing the trailers around with bare hands. For more information about this check this link.

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