Adjustable Tire Tie Down Straps From US Cargo Control

US Cargo Control is one of the leading companies in the US market today for cargo securing accessory supplies. The Adjustable Universal Tow Dolly Straps is one of their branded product for use as tire tie down straps. This product is very popular as car tow dolly straps and used for securing vehicles with tow dollies by individuals as well as recovery service companies. In fact many tow dolly models for sale in the market come with these US Cargo Control Universal Tow Dolly Straps.tie down straps

The easy adjustment in thisĀ  tie down straps allow for towing big cars, trucks and other vehicles with tire sizes from 14 inches to 17 inches. It is made with 12,000 lb industrial grade 2 inch wide yellow polyester webbing and is weather resistant as well as non-stretch. So there is no worry about them breaking or the towed vehicle falling off. In fact these tie downs are better and more heavy duty than the original tow dolly straps found with many tow dollies!

They work good and are sold at a good price. For latest price and fast shipping check here.

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