Car Wheel Dollies – Auto Wheel Dollies

Here are a good set of 4 car wheel dollies also known as auto wheel dollies for sale which are made in USA out of 1/4 inch steel and look to be very strong built.

Auto Dolly – 12 x 16 Inches Set of 4 Car Wheel Dollies By Triad Merrick Machine

auto wheel dollyThis set of 4 car wheel Dollies can be used for personal or professional use. It can be used to move cars as well as trucks, ATV’s, boats, trailers and lawn equipments. Whether you are working on your car, a classic or a project vehicle, this auto wheel dollies will be a great help to move your vehicle with ease. You can use this wheel dollies to adjust precious space and free up storage space in your garage.This set of 4 wheel dollies are made by Triad Merrick machines in the USA using 1/4″ inch steel plate that is V-Channeled for a tire to sit in it. The sides are open so there is no chance of damaging sidewalls. The plate sits on four Polyurethane casters with ball bearing swivels. You put one under each wheel of the vehicle and move the vehicle with a push of your hand. You can lift vehicles that weight upto 6,000 lbs. with this set of four. (1,500 lb. capacity per dolly). If you are interested in buying this clikc here to checkout at

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