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3000 LB Tow Capacity Ultra Tow Car Tow Dolly For Sale

car tow dolly

3000lb Ultra Car Tow Dolly

If you are looking for a car tow dolly for sale, check out the 3000 LB Tow Capacity Car Tow Dolly by Ultra Tow, sold by and shipped by Northern Tool & Equipment which has stores throughout eastern and mid eastern states of The United States. If you plan to buy a dolly for less than $1500 then this dolly may suit your budget and needs.


Dolly Description & Technical Details

Heavy-duty tow dolly from Ultra-Tow enables user to load vehicles up to 3000 lbs. Features 2in. ball coupler, lights, built-in ramps, safety chains and more.
Rides smoothly on 13in. tires.
Gross Vehicle Weight Rated (lbs.): 3,320,
Load Capacity (lbs.): 3,000,
Wheel Size (in.): 13,
Coupler Size (in.): 2,
Frame Material: Steel,
Brakes: No,
Lights: Yes,
Fenders: Yes,
Ramps Included: Yes,
Assembly Required: Yes,
Overall Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 123 x 102 x 27 1/4
Shipping Weight: 517 pounds.

6 Disadvantages of Tow Dollies – Why You Must Not Buy A Car Dolly

Normally in a product website like Car Tow Dolly that is totally dedicated to highlighting a product and promoting it you don’t find negatives of the product highlighted much  or discouragement like I’m going to list here about tow dollies. But the fact is tow dollies have many disadvantages and inconveniences inherent with it, which I think every buyer, user and owner of tow dollies should be aware of.

These tow dolly disadvantage apply to all types of vehicle towing dollies, and these are some of the reasons why most often people choose rollback tow truck that can lift a vehicle completely off the ground or a powerful conventional wrecker tow truck that hooks, lifts and tows the vehicle instead of towing their car or truck using a tow dolly that is towed using your small car, truck or maybe a tractor.

So here are the disadvantages or bad side of a car towing dolly:

1). Car tow dollies are themselves heavy. Normally well built dolly capable of towing a heavy American car weighs anywahere around 500 to 1500 pounds. This adds to your total towed weight total and significantly reduces the towing capacity your towing vehicle.

2). In some states of US tow dollies needs to be registered and licensed. Needless to say this ad yord one more “vehicle” to your mix.

3) It is difficult to back up with a dolly.  Have you tried reversing a vehicle with a tow dolly coupled to the back tow bar.

4) You have to continually keep up the maintenance and repairs of the tow dolly’s tires, wheels, and frame for it to be ready for use at anytime. Otherwise you might as well have to buy a new dolly in an emergency .

4) Tow dollies are increasingly becoming a complex mini vehicle of itself. With its added weight which requires car tow dollies to have its own brakes increases the initial price of the dollies as well as the maintenance cost of your dollies in the long run.

5)  Two sets of safety cables are required between the coach and the dolly and between the dolly and the vehicle. The nylon tie-down tow straps frequently fail on dollies putting your towed vehicle at great risks, specially in hills where people often tend to tow cars behind their caravan homes. The risks are too great to use it for a expensive car. You are best to go for a flatbed truck in such a situation or rent a secure parking place to leave your car behind.

6) Brake, and clearance lights are difficult to connect on a dolly towed vehicle. This is a must.

7) You have to have a plan for what you will do with the dolly once you get to your destination. Plus, it usually takes two people to manuever it somewhere out of the way.

This is certainly not encouraging news. However this doesn’t mean car tow dollies are completely useless. The have their benefits and advantages of car tow dollies are many. That is why I mention here frequently tow dollies are best for short distances frequent towing. Also what about having a community owned tow dolly that can be used by all your neighbors and friends or a whole apartment building households, who will all chip in to buy it and maintain it of course!

But of course, obviously these  disadvantages are irrelevant to appliance dollies such as car wheel dollies. This disadvantages compiled based on article at 4 wheel drive site at about dot com.

What Are The Things To Know Before Towing My Car?

You rarely if ever will will want to use a car tow dolly. But if you own a vehicle you will eventually be compelled to tow it due to a breakdown or for instance behind a home trailer when you go caravanning. In such a case you have to know a few things to make sure you protect your car and avoid any unpleasant surprises later. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

car tow dollyFirst you have to consider whether your car is a 2 wheel drive (2WD) or 4 wheel drive (4WD). If it is 2 wheel drive you have to know whether it may be a front wheel drive car or rear wheel drive car. Either way you can tow a 2 wheel drive safely by lifting the drive wheel side tires off the ground and towing it using a car tow dolly or a wrecker tow truck with a boom and hook. If this is not possible or you need to tow the car for long distances (more than 25 k.m.) then many vehicle experts and towing specialist recommend using a flatbed rollback tow truck and therefore may need to seek the help of a local recovery and towing service. If you are using car tow dollies then you have to know what you will need for it and how to operate a tow dolly safely using things like tow dolly straps.

If you want to lift your car out of grounds their is also the method called wheel lift towing. In this a wrecker truck will lift one side of the car off the ground using a tow bar hitch while the other side of the car is lifted off the ground using a version of tow dollies very similar to a car tow dolly, thereby lifting the entire car off the ground and towing just like in a flatbed or rollback tow truck. It should be noted that during wheel lift car towing truckand flatbed truck towing no part of the car body except the wheels come in contact with the towing apparatus. (while using car tow dollies and other kind of wrecker tow trucks the car’s axles and other parts are used to lift and tow, which can cause damage to them.)

All in all considering all this rollback tow trucks or flatbeds are the most recommendable tow methods. Certainly in the case of all wheel drive and four wheel drive cars, vintage cars and cars that have low ground clearance. Car tow dollies are good for towing 2 wheel drive cars and vans for a short distances.

What ever type car you got and if you need to tow it I recommend you to consult at-least one local towing service and get their advice if not assistance. You can rely in companies that engage in recovery and towing services to meet your towing needs and tow your car safely and effectively.

Tow Straps: What Are Tow Dolly Straps?

Most people have never heard about tow dolly straps. Still less people will ever use a car or any tow dolly strap. That is because car tow dolly straps are not very commonly used items. You don’t expect to find a car tow dolly strap in your average households. So seriously what are tow dolly straps and what are car tow dolly strap

tow dolly strapsAs you know car tow dollies are used for towing a car behind another vehicle. For this purpose you must load one side of the car, normally the front tires of the car onto the car tow dolly and let the rear wheels move freely on the road. Loading the car onto the tow dolly alone is not enough, you have to secure and tie it to the dolly so that the car won’t slip away while being towed. So with tow dollies come nylon cords and straps to secure and tie the car wheels onto the tow dolly and keep them securely until your final destination. These nylon cords and straps are referred in towing and recovery industry parlance as tow dolly straps. You can see a car tow dolly strap in this picture here and how it is wrapped around a car tire.

As you can see tow dolly straps consist of just nylon straps and cords. But they play one of the most crucial roles in vehicle towing and are indispensable equipage. One can say a tow dolly is useless without a tow dolly straps.

Like there are different kinds and sizes of tow dollies for different purposes like car tow dollies, trailer dollies, motorcycle tow dollies etc. tow dolly straps also vary. Sometimes with the same car tow dolly you’ll have to use different types of straps to accommodate different tire sizes of different cars. So in the market you find tow dolly straps and car tow dolly straps  of all types and sizes to fit all types of vehicles. If you got to buy tow dolly straps you will find them differing in variety by the vehicle type, weight, tire size and type of dolly. But most tow straps for sale today are adjustable so you can fit them around several different tire sizes and car models.

ratchet tow strapsMost tow straps today also have a ratchet system or ratchet feature. With ratchet tow dolly straps you can use the ratchet system and make sure the tires are tightened as much as possible and fitted around the tires most securely. So tow dolly straps with ratchets are a very desirable if you are going to buy car tow dolly straps to use with different vehicle. This doesn’t mean normal tow dolly straps without ratchet are useless. If you are sure to use a tow strap with the same vehicle every time then non adjustable dolly straps are the most suitable for your needs. The ratchet-less or nun adjustable tow straps are consequently also the easiest to use and more lasting.

If you ever have to buy a tow dolly strap and you are not sure it would be best for you to get expert advice about these dolly straps and the best kind to buy. More than ordering online buying one recommended by an expert and locally is best where possible.


What Is A Car Dolly?

What is a car dolly? I think many people are who are not native English language speakers don’t know what a car dolly means. When I mention I have a website about car tow dolly they ask me what am are you an adult man doing writing a website about girls dolls! Some even look at me strangely. Maybe they are questioning my manhood! What can I say…. I can only explain to them what a car tow dolly. And what better way to tell them what a car dolly is than show them a real dolly.

Unfortunately in the web I don’t have the ability to show you a real car dolly. But I can show you a picture of a car dolly.

car dollyLike you see in this photo here a car dolly consist of two wheels attached to an anxle and a tow hitch. Adjoining the wheels on the axle are adjustable ramps or runways to drive the car or any other vehicle this can tow on to the car dolly effectively lifting one side of the car off the ground. They lift the front wheels of your vehicle off the road, and pull it along behind your truck.

If you are using a car dolly you can load/drive and set the front car tires on the dolly ramp of a front wheel drive car. Then you can couple the car dolly onto another vehicle, (even another car if it has the capacity to tow a car) tow away the car parked on the dolly behind it. I hope you get the picture about what is a car tow dolly.

You also must note that a car dolly is the recommended method for front-wheel drive vehicles only. It is not very good to use for towing rear wheel drive cars. And also car dolly have much requirements like having break-lights of its own etc. in some states and countries.  They are never the less very effective and easy to use and also saves money than say hiring a rollback tow truck to transport a car from one place to another.

Welcome To Car Tow Dolly

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This website was created with the intent to share information on everything and anything related to car towing dollies. Feel free to read through our quality content on various tow dollies and car haulers and find some great tips that you can put into action so that you can buy the best tow dolly and get the best from the tow dolly you buy.

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