Evolution From Hand Carts To Appliance Dollies

We have talked about many types of dollies here on Car Tow Dolly. But they have been mostly auto related popular kinds of dollies like car dollies, trailer dollies, wheel dollies and so on. In the meantime there are kinds of dollies which are used for purposes other than vehicles. Furniture dollies and appliance dollies are examples. Such is the case with appliance dollies, that many may not know this dolly as appliance dollies but as hand trucks. You can see a hand truck or appliance dolly in this picture here. While these appliance dollies or hand trucks may not be a typical household item, you will surely at least borrow one of this appliance dollies at times when you are moving houses.

appliance dolly cartLike you see the appliance dolly can be defined as a type of dolly or conveyance consisting of a wheeled platform used for aiding and moving heavy objects, equipment, furnishings and supplies. In structure the appliance dolly most often consist of a 2 wheeled or 4 wheeled flat stand on which objects can be placed and you can use it to move the objects around. All that needs to be done by the user at this point is to move the appliance dolly, which is little work compared to carrying the objects without the aid of such dollies like this.

Maybe this is why appliance dollies is one of the oldest material handling equipment in the world. It has been used for a long time as hand carts, trolleys and redesigned and engineered over and over from civilization to civilization. The development of appliance dollies is another example of human development and the trend we have of adapting easier ways and methods to make our work easy and quicker like we see more of our work we did with hand trucks and appliance dollies today performed by automated machines and conveyor belts.

By using appliance dollies you spend less energy on the user’s part since the manual lifting and carrying of heavy objects can not only be very difficult or if not impossible if the object is too heavy. Also considering our physique and health it is not good for our body in the long term because lifting up and carrying around things regularly causes strain on muscles and tendons that most of the time leads to serious bodily injuries and ruptures.

Manufactured by Harper in Kansas in the United States the appliance dolly in the picture here has a carrying capacity of 400 pounds and is made of steel. Modern material handling equipment manufacturers are now producing various kinds of special appliance dollies that are fashioned after the old utility carts but cater to specific applications. The furniture dollies, hardwood dolly and flat dollies are some of the different types of appliance dollies that today popular in modern urban equipment, goods and supplies handling.


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