Heavy Duty Hydraulic Car Wheel Dollies For Moving Cars

Hydraulic car wheel dollies also referred as car moving jacks can be used to lift a wheel of your car hydraulically. By using 4 hydraulic car wheel dollies you can easily move your car forwards, backwards, side to side and diagonal – move your car in any direction with ease in spaces you otherwise can’t think of moving. Like this the advantages of of car wheel dollies are many.

So if you are interested in here are some good and heavy duty hydraulic car wheel dollies and models. By using 4 Wheel dollies you can also use them as a alternative to car tow dollies for moving your car withing a enclosed garage or garden area.

Vehicle Moving Jack – HYDRAULIC Car Wheel Dolly by RT (Royal Tint)

car wheel dollyThis car wheel dolly you see in this picture is made by Royal Tint tools manufacturers for professional use. You can position the dolly under the car and with the help of the hydraulic jack lift your car to move your car or engine easily.

Picture here shows only one wheel dolly but if you can purchase 4 dollies like this to lift the entire car off the ground and move it anyway you like. This wheel dolly is made of heavy duty steel and has a maximum capacity rate of 1500 lbs pounds. It can easily rolls in any direction but its good to position the small wheels in the direction you want to move the car otherwise you will have to push extra hard.

This kind of hydraulic car wheel dollies also have a quick-release foot pump and this one is no exception. It weights 42 pounds and is 35 x 25 x 10 inches in dimention. As this is a heavy duty hydraulic wheel dolly its a bit expensive than a normal dolly. This particular wheel dolly is shipped and sold by eToolscity on Amazon.com in this page.


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