1580 OTC Stinger Easy Roller Hydraulic Car Wheel Dolly

A hydraulic car wheel dolly is a much more efficient method than traditional car wheel dollies to move around vehicles within a garage or showroom. Because they’ve got a built in hydraulic lifting mechanism with them, you don’t need a separate jack to lift and place a car on the dolly. Therefore for anyone buying car dollies these days I tell them its well worth spending the little extra money to get their hands on a set of hydraulic car wheel dollies. But what is a good hydraulic car wheel dolly in the market today?
hydraulic car dolly
One good hydraulic dolly I found is the 1580 OTC Stinger 1,500 lbs Easy Roller Dolly. Its designed to fit vehicle tires with tread widths up to 12″ which means it will fit most passenger cars and medium SUVs. The four heavy-duty casters can support up to 1,500 lbs. With the use four of these anyone can easily position, lift and move a vehicle weighing up to 6,000 lbs or 2.5 tons!

Like you can see in the picture above the unique design slides around a wheel well. The dolly’s foot pedal activates the hydraulic lift mechanisms which gently and safely lifts the tire off ground. It lifts the wheel with approximately 20 short strokes of the foot pedal. Rollers touch the tires only.
hydraulic wheel dolly

OTC Stinger dolly also seems to be well made. Its got a frame of heavy gauge steel plates. The tubing and the welds are also of good quality. That’s why its heavy at around 40 lbs, each.

This dolly is also a product manufactured and sold by OTC SPX. (OTC SPX is a major ISO certified manufacturer and supplier of vehicle tools and equipments to the US market.) So it has the reliability of a branded product from a US company behind it.

You can order this through the Internet now through OTC Stinger dolly’s Amazon.com sales page and get it shipped with no extra shipping cost.  Will be useful for anyone to simply and efficiently move a vehicle about and make efficient use of their valuable garage or showroom space or move a disabled vehicle around.

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