Tow Straps: What Are Tow Dolly Straps?

Most people have never heard about tow dolly straps. Still less people will ever use a car or any tow dolly strap. That is because car tow dolly straps are not very commonly used items. You don’t expect to find a car tow dolly strap in your average households. So seriously what are tow dolly straps and what are car tow dolly strap

tow dolly strapsAs you know car tow dollies are used for towing a car behind another vehicle. For this purpose you must load one side of the car, normally the front tires of the car onto the car tow dolly and let the rear wheels move freely on the road. Loading the car onto the tow dolly alone is not enough, you have to secure and tie it to the dolly so that the car won’t slip away while being towed. So with tow dollies come nylon cords and straps to secure and tie the car wheels onto the tow dolly and keep them securely until your final destination. These nylon cords and straps are referred in towing and recovery industry parlance as tow dolly straps. You can see a car tow dolly strap in this picture here and how it is wrapped around a car tire.

As you can see tow dolly straps consist of just nylon straps and cords. But they play one of the most crucial roles in vehicle towing and are indispensable equipage. One can say a tow dolly is useless without a tow dolly straps.

Like there are different kinds and sizes of tow dollies for different purposes like car tow dollies, trailer dollies, motorcycle tow dollies etc. tow dolly straps also vary. Sometimes with the same car tow dolly you’ll have to use different types of straps to accommodate different tire sizes of different cars. So in the market you find tow dolly straps and car tow dolly straps  of all types and sizes to fit all types of vehicles. If you got to buy tow dolly straps you will find them differing in variety by the vehicle type, weight, tire size and type of dolly. But most tow straps for sale today are adjustable so you can fit them around several different tire sizes and car models.

ratchet tow strapsMost tow straps today also have a ratchet system or ratchet feature. With ratchet tow dolly straps you can use the ratchet system and make sure the tires are tightened as much as possible and fitted around the tires most securely. So tow dolly straps with ratchets are a very desirable if you are going to buy car tow dolly straps to use with different vehicle. This doesn’t mean normal tow dolly straps without ratchet are useless. If you are sure to use a tow strap with the same vehicle every time then non adjustable dolly straps are the most suitable for your needs. The ratchet-less or nun adjustable tow straps are consequently also the easiest to use and more lasting.

If you ever have to buy a tow dolly strap and you are not sure it would be best for you to get expert advice about these dolly straps and the best kind to buy. More than ordering online buying one recommended by an expert and locally is best where possible.


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