What Are The Things To Know Before Towing My Car?

You rarely if ever will will want to use a car tow dolly. But if you own a vehicle you will eventually be compelled to tow it due to a breakdown or for instance behind a home trailer when you go caravanning. In such a case you have to know a few things to make sure you protect your car and avoid any unpleasant surprises later. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

car tow dollyFirst you have to consider whether your car is a 2 wheel drive (2WD) or 4 wheel drive (4WD). If it is 2 wheel drive you have to know whether it may be a front wheel drive car or rear wheel drive car. Either way you can tow a 2 wheel drive safely by lifting the drive wheel side tires off the ground and towing it using a car tow dolly or a wrecker tow truck with a boom and hook. If this is not possible or you need to tow the car for long distances (more than 25 k.m.) then many vehicle experts and towing specialist recommend using a flatbed rollback tow truck and therefore may need to seek the help of a local recovery and towing service. If you are using car tow dollies then you have to know what you will need for it and how to operate a tow dolly safely using things like tow dolly straps.

If you want to lift your car out of grounds their is also the method called wheel lift towing. In this a wrecker truck will lift one side of the car off the ground using a tow bar hitch while the other side of the car is lifted off the ground using a version of tow dollies very similar to a car tow dolly, thereby lifting the entire car off the ground and towing just like in a flatbed or rollback tow truck. It should be noted that during wheel lift car towing truckand flatbed truck towing no part of the car body except the wheels come in contact with the towing apparatus. (while using car tow dollies and other kind of wrecker tow trucks the car’s axles and other parts are used to lift and tow, which can cause damage to them.)

All in all considering all this rollback tow trucks or flatbeds are the most recommendable tow methods. Certainly in the case of all wheel drive and four wheel drive cars, vintage cars and cars that have low ground clearance. Car tow dollies are good for towing 2 wheel drive cars and vans for a short distances.

What ever type car you got and if you need to tow it I recommend you to consult at-least one local towing service and get their advice if not assistance. You can rely in companies that engage in recovery and towing services to meet your towing needs and tow your car safely and effectively.


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