What Is A Car Dolly?

What is a car dolly? I think many people are who are not native English language speakers don’t know what a car dolly means. When I mention I have a website about car tow dolly they ask me what am are you an adult man doing writing a website about girls dolls! Some even look at me strangely. Maybe they are questioning my manhood! What can I say…. I can only explain to them what a car tow dolly. And what better way to tell them what a car dolly is than show them a real dolly.

Unfortunately in the web I don’t have the ability to show you a real car dolly. But I can show you a picture of a car dolly.

car dollyLike you see in this photo here a car dolly consist of two wheels attached to an anxle and a tow hitch. Adjoining the wheels on the axle are adjustable ramps or runways to drive the car or any other vehicle this can tow on to the car dolly effectively lifting one side of the car off the ground. They lift the front wheels of your vehicle off the road, and pull it along behind your truck.

If you are using a car dolly you can load/drive and set the front car tires on the dolly ramp of a front wheel drive car. Then you can couple the car dolly onto another vehicle, (even another car if it has the capacity to tow a car) tow away the car parked on the dolly behind it. I hope you get the picture about what is a car tow dolly.

You also must note that a car dolly is the recommended method for front-wheel drive vehicles only. It is not very good to use for towing rear wheel drive cars. And also car dolly have much requirements like having break-lights of its own etc. in some states and countries.  They are never the less very effective and easy to use and also saves money than say hiring a rollback tow truck to transport a car from one place to another.



    hi im very interesed in this type of item but my question is how car can be placed on this dolly by jaking it or by means of other ramps

    • Lankan says:

      Victor, usually you load a car onto the car dolly by driving the car onto the two ramps on the dolly. if the car is broken down or can’t be moved by itself then you will have to push the car onto the tow dolly’s ramps or tow it onto the dolly’s ramps with the help of another vehicle


    good thing to see

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